A thing of beauty, strength, and grace lies behind  that whiskered face.

Charlie is our beautiful new silver and white classic tabby boy. 

He is very much a people cat and he just loves to be stroked and cuddled.

Charlie is my big cuddly bear and he is much loved


Noynarock Charlie

Date of Birth 30-September-2016

Dam Noynarock Neela

Sire Daffy Duck Felis Audax

Charlie attended the NFCC show in February

2017. He did very well gaining two first and a second out of the four classes he entered

He received some lovely critiques from the judges.

Thank you judges 

Charlie likes eating, sleeping playing, and chatting up the girls.  

He is a delightful boy and for me it was love at first sight

He is growing into a beautiful big boy and he has sired some beautiful kittens.


Thank You Linda for allowing this very special boy to join us

Reshma Alfie The Adorable

Date of Birth 15th March 2017

Dam Ch. Reshma Ambika Shanari.

Sire Uk.Og & Int Gr Ch Noynarock Alfried

My Alfie!

What can I say about this delightful boy? He is naughty constantly up to mischief and into everything. He likes to play but will only play with toys he can chase and kill.

Like his mum he has constantly got something to say and he will gently bite my foot if I don't respond fast enough to his demands.

He has catitude with buckets to spare


Would I change him? Not for all the tea in China.

Last year due to family illness Alfie was the only kitten I had and I knew from the moment he was born he would be mine.

The more he grew the more adorable he became and the more I knew I had made the right decision in keeping him

He and Charlie are best friends and will cuddle up together 

When the time is right we are hoping Alfie will sire some beautiful kittens