A cat is a very special friend who comes into your life.When it comes it brings warmth,                                                       companionship,  contentment and love.

Silken Goddess of Mischief Warmed by the Sun


      Date of Birth --- 5th May 2010

Ambika is a silver tortie tabby and one of the delightful little girls born here at Reshma. Little miss chatterbox with catitude to spare. She has lots of character  as well as being both playful and funny. She is also very loving and  loves to be cuddled. 

She had her first litter of kittens in July 2011 and she proved to be a natural and loving mum taking good care of her babies.

Ambika also enjoyed her time on the show bench as she loved all the fuss. 

She gained her champion status in 2011. She was also best of breed at her last show.
   Her show results
                           1st CC ... Shropshire Cat Club Mrs D Butters.              
                           2nd CC... Lancashire Cat Club Mrs J Gillson   
                           3rd cc... Manchester Cat Club Mrs V Kilby  
    Thank you to these judges.  


   Silken Goddess of Magic Bestows Joy

       Date of Birth --7th July 2011

Morrigan, or Morgan to her friends, is also a silver tortie tabby.

She is a very gentle loving girl and she likes to be made a fuss of. She is also very playful.

This along with her sweet nature and laid back personality how could I resist?

 Morrigan had her first litter of seven kittens in July 2012 and after a shaky start but guided by Ambika she became a loving and attentive mum.  




         Lulabelle Precious and Beautiful

           Date of Birth---6th July 2013

I fell in love with Lulabelle the first time I saw her.

She is a beautiful big blue tortie with a  high white coat and beautiful big brown eyes.   
She is also every inch a naughty tortie and she loves to play with interactive toys especially the fluffy feathery ones.
 Cuddles are also a favourite pastime. with her.

She had her first litter of beautiful kittens on the 14th March 2016 and she proved to be a loving caring mum

Thanks Linda for this adorable little girl




Truly to her friends

Date of Birth---12th August 2013

Truly is the youngest of the girls here at Reshma.

She is one of Morgans kittens and I fell in love with this little girl the day she was born.
She was the first born of the litter and although I  had promised myself I would not keep a kitten from this litter I could not let her go! 

A beautiful blue tortie tabby and white. I had called her my little scrumptious from the start so it was not difficult choosing her a  name when the time came.

Truly is a quiet girl for a tortie and although she likes to  play with the other girls she is also happy spending time on her own. She also likes to be cuddled and she will snuggle up with me anytime she can

She also made her debut at the Norwegian Forest cat club show and did well gaining two first and two second. A small part of one of the judges comments reads  "A very glamorous kitten with a most appropriate name who was elegant and stylish and very feminine. " What a lovely comment Thank You       

   Truly gained her first CC at the Cheshire area show November 2014 Thank you Dr Bennet 

Unfortunately it is no longer  possible for me to take her out to shows